Case Management For Forensic & E-Discovery Project Managers

It's E Discovery Case Management in the Cloud. Work From anywhere and manage unlimited cases, assignments, evidence and custodians from your phone, tablet or computer 


Case Managers Can Manage More Resources Easier When Working in the Cloud

  • Work from anywhere and work in the cloud from your phone, mobile device or computer
  • Create new cases and assign team members to the case 
  • Schedule client engagements 
  • Browse the forensics directory of enrolled team members and locate team members by utilization, location, expertise and more
  • Build investigative teams and schedule team members to assignments in the lab and onsite
  • Edit assignments or create new ones, Rocket Cloud will handle the calendar updates and notifications to the team members 
  • Manage the daily deliverables, get up to the minute status on team members, cases and data collections.
  • Easy to backup whole entire cases to a USB drive
  • Measure your success with metrics that detail progress, utilization, revenue and more 
  • Get up to the minute case status from unlimited cases in just 1 dashboard 
  • Restriction free, manage and track unlimited cases, team members, evidence, devices, deliverables and custodians 
  • Rocket Cloud generates full reporting, chain of custody and case collection summary reports


Project Managers Build and Teams and Manage Cases

Project Managers Build and Teams and Manage Cases

Project Managers Work in the Cloud to Manage Cases, Team Members, Custodians and Deliverables

Project managers have a single, centralized platform that allows them to work from anywhere to manage cases and assignments. Rocket Cloud is a security compartmentalized platform so case managers can only see and work on the cases that have been assigned to that individual
  • Schedule client engagements
  • Assign team mebers to case
  • Assign team members to in-lab and on-site assignments
  • Manage schedules for cases and teams
Measure Success With Case Analytics

Measure Success With Case Analytics

Get Real Time Status on any case, team member, custodian and data collection from a single, simple dashboard.

Rocket Cloud conducts analytics and shows you your sucesses. At a glance get the analytics for data collections, assignments completed, case and device revenue and more.
Revenue from per GB data processing •
Revenue from per hour consulting •
Revenue per device, case and client •
Utilization of team members •
Total amount of data collected in a case •
It's Data Collections, Case and Evidence Management From Your Own Centralized Cloud Platform

It's Data Collections, Case and Evidence Management From Your Own Centralized Cloud Platform

Rocket Cloud gives you more control over your cases, vendors and team members using centralized management. With dynamic scheduling that sends notifications, confirmations, reminders and alerts for changes in any status

Rocket Cloud handles ssignments like support tickets, so that each assignment is tracked and must be closed-out to complete the assignment. This allows the project managers to manage unlimited cases and quickly see the status of every assignment from every case at a quick glance
  • Dynamic interactive scheduling that updates and notifies
  • Rocket Cloud sends team members and project managers notifications, confirmations, alerts and reminders based on status changes
  • Assignments are available to the team mebers in PDF and email
Vendors and Team Members Enroll into the Forensics Directory

Vendors and Team Members Enroll into the Forensics Directory

Team Members, Attorneys and Vendors Enroll into the Forensics Directory and list their expertise, availability, current location and more

Project managers can browse the directory of team members to add to their cases. The directory makes it easy to sort team members and send a case invite to any team members Shows how many cases team member is currently assigned to •
Shows the project manager for each case •
Shows expertise for e-discovery, forensics, review and more •
Show current location and future locations •
Shows picture of the team member •
Can invite any team member to a case •
Team member can respond with accepted, declined or wants more info •