Time To Expand Your Forensics and E-Discovery Practice to the Cloud 


Designed For Digital Investigators Who Work E-Discovery and Computer Forensic Cases

Rocket Cloud is designed for digital investigators who want to collect more data, faster by eliminating 95% of the traveling to conduct onsite forensic data collections. Rocket Cloud combines forensic data collections that can target relevant data on the endpoint to eliminate secondary processing in the lab saving significant time. The integrated case and evidence management system stores the data collections and can ingest pre-collected evidence as well to centralize and organize all of your case related data.

Unlike FTK and Encase, Rocket Cloud Conducts the Data Collection For You

Unlike Encase and FTK toolkit, Rocket Cloud can deploy your forensic data collections across the internet through firewalled, compartmentalized networks without the target computer requiring dongles, forensic hardware, software or servlets or even blank hard drives. The custodian just clicks the cloud link and enters the PIN code. Rocket Cloud will take over, lock the screen, conduct the data collection, securely upload the evidence to the cloud, update the case dashboard and send a confirmation email when the task has verified and delivered.

Rocket Cloud Has Features Not Available in Software Tools 

Rocket Cloudcan detect and crack Bit Locker encrypted hard drives, index and bi-directionally keyword search the data in 29 languages inside of complex data such as compound files, archives and embedded data or can extract ESI based on extensions, file groups, hash values, logs, user profiles and more.

Rocket Cloud Can Profile Target Computers and Retrieve the Reports -Before You Collect 

Need to profile the target computer before you collect? In seconds Rocket Cloud can profile the hardware including network settings, encryption status, physical hard drive inventory with make, model and serial numbers. Additionally, it pulls a BIOS report, OS report, and computer type including make, model and serial number. Rocket Cloud can also run your searches and generate a search report without extracting or preserving data. Each report gets uploaded back to the cloud into the case folder and pinned to a device or custodian making it easy and organized to review.

The integrated case and evidence management allows team collaboration on assigned cases. Case Managers can build investigative teams; assign in-lab or onsite tasks to examiners while managing cases. Examiners get assignment management, dynamic calendars schedules and can upload their deliverables, reports, photos, and documents to any case, custodian or device. Agency managers can login and see real time status on any case, data collection, team members or custodian.

Rocket Cloud is customizable so agencies can have their own version of Rocket Cloud. The new innovative technology makes it easy to work from anywhere, collect more data, faster and work more efficiently with auto generated forensic reporting and team collaboration from any phone, tablet or computer.

Get The Rocket Cloud In Portable, For Data Centers or Both.

Both Rocket Cloud appliance have the same cloud app installed and the only difference is data storage, processing power and size.




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